​Target shooting is a recreational activity enjoyed by many Oregonians. While recreational shooting is permitted on State Forest Lands, ODF does not maintain any designated shooting areas.  Please select your shooting area with care and follow state regulations, which are enforced by local law enforcement.


For more specific information about recreation in the Tillamook State Forest, visit the Tillamook State Forest blog.


  • Targets must be either commercially manufactured or paper targets.

  • A solid backstop such as an earth embankment is required.

  • Shooting at live trees is prohibited.

  • Shooting from or across a road or trail is prohibited

  • Shooting at garbage and glass is prohibited.

  • Target shooting is prohibited between dusk and dawn.

  • Exploding targets such as tannerite are prohibited.

  • You are responsible for removing all of your targets, shells and related debris.

For more rules and regulations please visit the Oregon Secretary of State


Most recreational areas are rural and DO NOT have cell phone service!  Always be prepared with supplies such as food and water.


The Tillamook State Forest provides more than 250 miles of riding opportunity through scenic areas of the forest.  Some of the more popular areas include Browns Camp, Jordan Creek, and Diamond Mill OHV areas, for more information visit Tillamook State Forest OHV TRAIL MAP.


  • Please remember that most areas DO NOT have cell phone service.  Be prepared and take food and water with you.

  • Preventing trail-head parking break-ins is your responsibility. Your best protection to prevent a break-in is to not leave anything in view in your car. Try to park at a trail-head that is visible from the road or that will have a lot of come and go foot traffic while you're on the trail.

  • Hike and/or ride in pairs or groups, not alone.

  • Stay on designated trails.