Security Cameras Assisting Neighbors

If you have security cameras, Tillamook County Sheriff's Office would like to encourage you to register the location and capabilities of your camera with our office.

Security cameras are one of the best methods used for apprehending criminals and convicting suspects.  Many Tillamook County residents and business owners currently operate security camera systems at their homes and/or businesses.  As crimes occur nearby, they may not always be aware that their system captured information that could help solve a crime.  In turn, Law Enforcement Officers might not be aware of this vital information.  


The Tillamook County Sheriff's Office is looking for your help in forming a community partnership.  This partnership will allow residents and businesses with security cameras on their property to register them with the Tillamook County Sheriff's Office. Citizens and business owners will be able to provide information to local Law Enforcement  to create a Community - Law Enforcement partnership and help create a safer community.

Participation in the S.C.A.N. program is free and completely voluntary. All registered information will be kept confidential, unless subject to disclosure by a Court Order, and any  information provided will be viewed by Law Enforcement personnel for criminal investigative purposes only.  

If you are planning on installing security cameras, please consider the following:

1) The higher the resolution of the video, the better the results

2) A minimum of 30 days of storage of information is recommended

3) Camera placement is extremely important:

      a) Cameras should face entry and exit points

      b) Cameras should be located on private property only

      c) Cameras should be positioned to capture anything you can see with your eye. 

      d) They cannot be directed in any private areas.



Q: Will other citizens know that I registered my camera or have access to my cameras?

A: No, all information register will be kept confidential, only law enforcement personnel will have access to the information.

An individual's personal information will be kept confidential by Law Enforcement personnel unless subject to disclosure by a Court Order. 

Q: If I register my security camera with the Sheriff's Office, will law enforcement have access to my cameras?

A: No, this program is for informational purposes only.

Q: Can I remove my camera information from the program?

A: Yes, the program is completely voluntary.  Each registrant may contact the Sheriff's Office to remove their information at any time..

Q: If I change my cameras or add additional cameras, can I update my registration?

A: Yes, you can submit a registration update at any time.