Tillamook County Sheriff's Office - Real and Personal Property Sales

The information provided herein is subject to change at any time prior to, or at the time of the sale.  The opening bid will be listed if submitted to our office prior to the sale. 

Please arrive early to present funds. 

The public is welcome to attend any auction.

All sales are held at 10:00 a.m. at the

Tillamook County Sheriff's Office

5995 Long Prairie Rd.

 Tillamook, Oregon

For more information go to : http://oregonsheriffssales.org/

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For more information regarding Tillamook County Public Land Sales

Please visit the BOCC website (These sales are not the same as the Judicial foreclosure sales)




Can I inspect the house before bidding?

No.  Sheriff Sales are done on a buyer beware basis.  No warranties are attached to the sale, and the Sheriff presiding over the auction has no access to the property.

How do Creditors calculate the opening bid?

Opening bids are received and posted by the sheriff within 48 hours prior to the sale.  The most a creditor may bid is the full amount of the money award and any recoverable costs of the sale.  You can calculate this figure by adding the amount owed including interest, plus the amount of interest accruing per day on the award.  These figures may be found on the Writ of Execution.  Recoverable costs are sheriff’s fees and attorney fees. 

The Writ of Execution and Judgment can be found at:  http://oregonsheriffssales.org/

How do I know what the starting bid will be?

Per statute the Sheriff's Office must receive a written credit (opening) bid 48 hours prior to the sale.  However, if a creditor chooses to attend the sale and bid in person, they are not required to submit a written bid prior to the sale.

How do I bid for a property?

A bidder must have cash or cashier's checks in hand made out to Tillamook County Sheriff's Office at the time of the sale.  Funds will be checked prior to the start of the sale.  Buyers should bring multiple cashier's checks and combine them to reach the sum of the sale.  Any amount paid that is over the sale amount will be refunded within 30 days.

Will I get the deed at the sale?

No, you must wait until the right of redemption has passed, or obtain a court order stating you are to be issued an early deed.  If paying by cash, you will receive a certificate of sale the day the sale is completed.  If paying by Cashiers Check, you will receive the Certificate of Sale 15-20 days after the sale is completed.  

How do I obtain the deed after the redemption period has ended?

After the redemption period has passed you would need to send in the original Certificate of Sale along with a request for the Deed and a payment of $56.00 + $10.00 for Notary.

What do renters or homeowners that are living on the property do if the house is sold?

Per statute, the buyer has immediate possession of the house.  Renters or homeowners should contact the Attorney for the Creditor.  Their contact information is on the Writ of Execution on the Oregon State Sheriff's Association Website:


How do I find out the results of a sale?

The Sheriff's Office provides a Sheriff's Return of Writ of Execution to the court (usually within 10 days after the sale).  The interested party should contact Tillamook County Circuit Court for a copy of the Sheriff's Return. The Return will state the sale price of the property and all activities performed by the Sheriff prior to the sale.

Any additional questions about the property should be directed to the  attorney for the creditor.  The phone number and contact information for the attorney can be found on the court documents here: http://oregonsheriffssales.org/