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Tillamook County

Community Corrections

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Community Corrections, also referred to as the Adult Parole & Probation Department is a division of the Tillamook County Sheriff's office.  Community Corrections provides supervision, services and sanctions to approximately 280 felony and selected misdemeanor offenders being supervised on Parole, Probation, Post Prison Supervision of other related release status. Risk/Needs assessments are conducted and referrals made to community partners for specialized services.


For non-resident offenders, the division facilitates the offenders return to their county or state of residence. The division also manages a system of structured sanctions for offenders engaged in non-compliant behavior.  


Temporary (transitional) housing is provided for a limited period of time for offenders who are being released from Prison or long term sentences in the County jail and are without any discernible community resource. Supervision fees of $40.00 per month are assessed on each offender to assist in defraying the cost of their supervision. Other fees are also assessed for specialized services, e.g. $15 per urinalysis testing; $150.00 for non-resident Interstate compact transfer investigation plus $50.00 compact application fee, a one-time $25.00 fee for Community Service, etc.

The Division consists of a Lieutenant (who is also a Certified Parole & Probation Officer), 3 Certified Parole & Probation Officers, 1 Probation Tech, and 1 Office Support position. Certification of Parole & Probation staff is required for employment and is granted by the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. Parole & Probation staff are peace officers for the purpose of Community Supervision and as such are available to local law enforcement for after hours calls involving corrections offenders.  The Community Corrections Division is funded through a combination of Oregon State Department of Corrections Grants, Offender Supervision fees and various other grants and fees for service. There is no county General Fund money allocated to this division.

Tillamook County Community Corrections is releasing the following information pursuant to ORS 163A.215, which authorizes the Sheriff's Office to inform the public when the release of information will enhance public safety and protection. The individuals who appear on these notifications have been convicted of sex offenses that require registration with Law Enforcement. This notification is not intended to increase fear; rather, it is our belief that an informed public is a safer public.

A statewide database of all predatory sex offenders is maintained by the Oregon State Police Sex Offender Unit.  They provide an interactive website where you can search for a specific predatory sex offender or offenders living in a geographic area by zip code or within a radius of a specific address, among other options.


Oregon has a statewide Searchable Webpage of Predatory Sex Offenders.



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Probation Officer

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Probation Officer

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Probation Officer

Glen Watson

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Probation Officer

Yvonne Garcia-Burdick

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Front Office Specialist

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