Jana Prock
Civil Program Manager

Mailing Address:

Tillamook County Sheriff's Office

Attn: Civil Division

5995 Long Prairie Rd.

Tillamook, OR 97141


Fax: 503-815-3399

The Civil Division is responsible for carrying out the duties imposed and mandated by the Sheriff as an officer of the Court system, and as required by law. The division fulfills these responsibilities as it pertains to Forcible Entry and Detainer (FED) actions, Garnishment, Abuse Prevention Restraining Orders, Extraordinary Writs, Notices, Small Claims, Summons and Complaints, Summons and Petitions, Writs of Execution, Property Sales, and Criminal, Juvenile and Civil Subpoenas.

For service please submit the following instruction form and fees with your papers (1 copy per party, along with 1 copy for our files).

For a copy of the return of service please include a self addressed

stamped envelope.

Service Fees

​Effective 1/1/2018 HB 2618

(Make checks payable to Tillamook Co. Sheriff's Office)


Oregon Statute 21.300 requires fees to be charged as follows:

Notice Process:

Summons and complaint with or without attachments, small claim notices, eviction summons and complaint, notice of restitution, citation, subpoena, orders, etc.  For more than two parties at an address, the fee is $25.00 per person (please note that statements such as "et al" or "All Other Occupants" are a party to be served)


​1-2 parties (same address)                               $45.00

3 parties (same address)                                  $75.00

4 parties (same address)                                  $100.00

Writ of Garnishment:                                          $25.00

Writ of Execution in Judgment of Restitution:     $80.00 Plus the fees outlined under "Notice Process" above, see examples below (Please note that statements such as "et al" or "All Other Occupants" are a party to be served)

1-2 parties                                                         $80 + $45 = $125.00

3 parties                                                            $80 + $75= $155.00

Enforcement Actions:                                        $80.00

(Property Seizure, Writ or Order of Assistance, Writ of Execution)

Writ of Execution - Foreclosure:                         $800.00 Deposit and a $300.00 check for OSSA

Conveyance of Real Property:                           $50.00

(Sheriff's Deed)